Tips & Tricks of Making Music Videos

Making videos for online platforms can be very lucrative and when done right, can be a full-time job. This is made possible by your beloved and precious computer. Indeed, almost anything can be done using this automatic electronic computing machine. If you have decided to make the best use out of your computer when it comes to music production, below are some of the tips that will guide you along the way.


Manual Reading. Reading your instruction manual is the first and foremost thing you need to do not only in making music but in practically any device you use. The manual will tell you what and what not to do with your apparatus. Even if you lack experience and knowledge, the manual will tell you exactly which steps to take. Do not just consider these manuals simply as accessories because they contain details that will serve as your life in the goals you want to achieve.


Avoid Buying Excessively. When you are just starting out to make music, you can find a lot of software on the market. All of them are just so tempting; but even if you are financially capable, do not buy every application program you see. You may have a lot of software in your computer, but soon you will realize that you have just wasted money since you cannot master all of them. In fact, with so many software programs to use, you might even miss a lot of things along the way.


Keep Things Simple. Your system should be kept simple as possible. You can make your equipment longer if you have a hardware preventive maintenance checklistLong-time and experienced music producers need to reinstall everything in their computers now and then. Remember that a computer has a registry that accumulates invalid entries and errors due to the software and programs installed in it. If you keep everything simple, you are likely to enjoy a smoother process of music production because your computer will be free from errors.


Proper Set Up Location. If you want to create quality music, one of the things you have to consider is choosing a located most suitable for music production. Choose the right place where you will set up your equipment; a place where there will be fewer distractions, but more inspirations.


Acoustic Treatment. Once you have chosen the exact space for your music making setup, next up is to perform some acoustic treatments. You should learn about what makes music sound better and what degrades its quality. Do not place the speakers in the corners of a room because it will create muddy sounds for your bass. Standing waves will also be produced when the speakers are placed halfway between ceiling and floor. Square rooms and straight lines, as well as hard walls, will also not be good in creating excellent music. You could invest some money on acoustic tiles, and eBay is one of the finest places to look for them. Not all surfaces in the room must be covered with acoustic tiles. You only need to put the tiles on a hard wall that is directly in front of the speakers. Acoustic tiles will help keep sound reflections to a minimum.


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